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Hi. I bought 5 port POE switch from D-link but i can get it to work. Or to be more exact, POE is not working and there is no light indication.

I have 2 POE cameras and two non POE connected to this switch. Those non POE cameras are working OK.

SETUP: RUTER LAN terminal --> UTP CABLE --> POE SWITCH UPLINK ( + 4 cameras ) --> RECORDER


- i think i can normally connect non poe cameras to POE switch ?

- is there some setup for this POE switch, should i activate this throe some SW ?


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You should be aware that there are different PoE standards, the official

802.11AF/AT standard that is used by a-brand switches, telephones and similar equipment and a more simple "passive PoE" standard that just puts a 12-24v voltage between two pairs of the cable, often used for cheap WiFi access points etc. (the official standard uses a protocol to check if the device wants power and how many volts)

It should be no problem to connect a non-POE device to a standard

802.11AF/AT switch, it will just not output power on that port. However, with "passive PoE" that condition could lead to magic smoke.

There normally is some way to configure the switch to enable/disable power per port. On passive PoE devices the default normally is all power off, on 802.11AF/AT it usually is all enabled. But your switch may be different, check it.

(and of course check if the PoE method is the same between switch and cameras, you cannot mix the two standards and expect it to work)

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Thank you for your answer. I bought another one just if the dlink will not work. Its DAS-3042P , gigabit enternet switch. Max output 60W.

There are 4 POE outputs and 2 for uplink. GM

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