PoE/PoE+ PD controller recommendations


Anyone with *first-hand* experience deploying PD controllers in a PoE or PoE+ application? This seems to be a fringe area and manufacturers with shallow/specific product lines (i.e., "unknowns").

There are several controllers that fit the bill for a turnkey application -- plug in PD, wait, go! And, most seem very similar in their design. But, I would like a "less integrated" controller.

I.e., one where the PD can actually participate in the negotiation -- instead of having it a /fait accompli/ by the time it's aware of it! For example, logically disconnecting without physically disconnecting (think of the ramifications in the protocol!)

Of course, that means I'll probably be very tied to a specific device so, I won't be keen on that device (or its manufacturer) going away any time soon! I'd hate to have to do an end-of-life buy as my first *production* buy! :-/



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