pcb design software?

For converting schematic to pcb, perfboard, or stripboard -- what free or cheap software is available that works well?

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Father Haskell
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A software package that auto-magically converts a schematic to a PCB, etc ???

I think your expectations are too high. For FREE no less !!

A PCB package is like a paint program, you decide where all the parts go and then ask an auto-router (using routing rules) to connect traces to the pads of the parts.

No magic involved.

but keep praying Father, miracles do happen.

I've heard that this is a good package:

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Good Luck

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Schematic capture. TinyCAD: Windows. FOSS.

Stripboard. VeeCAD: Windows, free version available.

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Can use TinyCAD netlists.

Schematic capture and PCB layout.

Kicad: Windows, Linux, plus un-official builds for Mac, BSD. FOSS.

gEDA: Linux, FOSS

There are also both free and inexpensive (but limited) versions of EAGLE

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

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