Omivision OV5610 SCCB bit banging!

Hi Guys,

We have been attempting to read and write to the Camera chip using the SCCB bus. Using an oscilloscope, we determined that an appropriate waveform was obtained for the 2/3 phase write transmission cycle. However, the 2 phase read cycle fails to return any data.

Clearly there is a problem with the firmware implementing bit-banging, or there is something dodgy about our hardware configuration.

Are there any special conditions for the read cycle to work? If there are any issues regarding this, we would like to know.

I am aware of previous threads in which cover similar ground, but they do not seem to resolve the particular problems we have been having.

BTW we have been using the Keil uVision IDE on a USB prototype board supplied by BrainTechnology (Cypress Chip EZ-USB FX2)

Thank you for your time,

Gavin Brewer. (AXICON UK ltd)

PS. Please could you reply to me in person at

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