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I'm working on a project and need help. I have a small room that I need to setup a couple of devices. This is for an art show im doing, and its suppose to mimic an interrogation room.

So, as you walk into the room (normally lite room)

- a pressure sensor will be setup under a stool

- when you sit on the stool, it trips a relay

- switches off normal lights and turns on spot light over stool

- i then have pre-recorded questions on a cd which i would like to start play whent the spot light is turned on

- when the person stands up i need the cd player to stop, but if they sit down again the cd needs to start again (from the start)

Im really confused how to set this up electronically

I have thought of using a relay that when closed from the pressure sensor, it will close the loop for the speakers (which i thought of letting the cd run on a loop) but I need the cd start at the start everytime someone sits on the stool.



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Use a laptop to play the CD, sense the switch, switch the lights. This is gonna be far easier than trying to kludge a CD player to start on command. Also allows you do do some other stuff, like set a threshold weight to estimate male/female and change the questions accordingly. If if they get up too soon, COMMAND them to SIT DOWN!!! mike

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Thanks mike, which program should I be using and how can i get the laptop to sense the sensors (should i be using the par. port)


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Your not a cop in Naples Florida, are you?

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Luhan Monat

You're getting into some serious stuff now. I'd suggest taking a look at a the Velleman K8000 board. This could be used to both Sense the person sitting down using a pressure switch. Depending on how you set things up, I think it can be made to detect a heavy/light person. As for guessing their sex, I won't try that as it'll be a little too dodgy - imaging a man in the room getting mistaken for a woman - hmm, could be funny.

There's also a new board, that uses USB. As for getting the computer to do what you want, I'm not sure what your technical level is on that, but it's possible to do what you're after.


Colin Dawson

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Colin Dawson

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John Smith

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Mark Jones

Yep, and that crap gets paid for out of my pocket. Now you want people to help you set up an automated torture room... we dont know who you are or what war you might be fighting. Get stuffed.


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