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Here in the UK we get a few days were we wish we had air conditioning, but no where near enough to justify the cost, I do however have various vents around the house, and feel I ought to have some more.

obvioulsy theres a few in the kitchen to meet the regs for gas oven etc. and a dryer vent but ive no drier, but that vent is in an alley wich is always in the shade so is quite cool at the moment.

sitting here too hot to even think of what to do a google search on, I thought of having a selection of reversable fans about the house, and a control system that sense the inside and outside temp at each fan.

thus putting each fan in a direction that brought the house to an optimal temp possible with no actual active heating or cooling as such.

ive also seen systems where hot air has risen to the ceiling is driven down to the floor through a tube to help reduce the cost of keeping a house warm in the winter.

is there much mileage in this?

I seem to have huge amount of PC type fans in my junk box. and a realy neat 1" fan from a photocopier wich just blew out the ionized air. its realy silent and surprisinlgy powerfull, and would be easy to put through a wall.

ofc the problem here is they are all one way.

My brother has a more sphisticated air system with a heat exchanger. but only one exit/entry point to the outside. but he built that into his house wich he built himself.

Colin =^.^=

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Thermal de-stratifier. Do what I do - open the trapdoor to the loft and let it all rise up in there.

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Or you could go one step farther and add an attic fan to improve the air flow from the first flow and out the attic.


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What we do is determine the wind direction in the evening, then strategically open windows and place large Hollywood-style fans (the ones they use to make an actress' hair fly). Now we cool the house down as far as we can get it down. We also use the fume hood vent to draw warm air out of the house in the evening. During the day nothing will help as the air outside is much hotter, so we keep everything closed from about 1-2 hours after sunrise.

Or just go to the pub and have a cold one. Or two. Maybe three ... :-)

Regards, Joerg
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No more than a dozen days a year.

Bear in mind that air does not have much thermal capacity. If you have a cellar then you might stand a chance of using that as a source of significant amounts of cool air.

Your best bet by far is to stop the direct sun entering the house in the first place. Simplest solution is hang reed mats outside across the S facing windows before the sun gets too high. Or you can have blinds that shade the windows. You prevent around 500W/m^2 getting in this way.

RadioSpares sell suitable LCD based self adhesive thermometers that will let you see where the heat gets in. Growing plants up the S facing wall may help.

You are better off opening the windows in the early evening when outside is cooler (although you may need mosquito nets to keep flies out).

A typical PC fan may provide 10W of cooling provided the outside air is suitable. Unless your windows are tiny it will always lose the battle. The only thing where I have found them useful is solar powered for moving the air in a greenhouse to stop desert and alpine plants from scorching in still air. They need both air movement and strong sunlight.

Not really unless your ceilings are very high.

It won't do any harm, but you would be much better off managing the ingress of heat in the first place rather than trying to remove it.

Regards, Martin Brown

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fortunatly I dont have much problem keeping the sun out as the direction of my house assures that mostly, I am on the north side of a semi detatched house.

I have a couple of those indoor/outdoor lcd thermometers. it feels no where near so hot today ony 28'C inside, but probably far less humid as we had a huge storm the other night. i was to hot to bother to measure it the other day.

at the moment even with the window open the air on the cool alley is 4' below the inside, although there is little if any wind, but theres a couple of vents to that alley wich would br a good fit for some fans, ive got some small solar panels too i could power the fans from. I just got them to investigate uses for, but like I said the sun doesnt come into the house much, just ealry morning and late evening.

obviously theres a limited amount of air i could suck in before it is replaced by warm air lol, although the ground there prtobably will be able to cool more air slowly, this was my reason for the automatic control.

I dont have a celler either, but theres an idea ... or maybe just bury an air pipe lol. I know there are more complicated systems using fluids/heat pumps etc.

well of course I already do that when im around anyway, exept theres not even any wind and there were loads of wasps yesterday too. the heat seems to acumalate in my bedroom wich is at the back, there is never the right combination of wind diection to get rid of it. I dont particularly like leaving the windows doors open at the front. although i often have to resort to this for an hour or so. so a small exhuast fan at the top there might prove usefull.

I dont know how long it would take a quiet PC fan to exhuast all the air in the bedroom, but it could probably do enough to make a big enough difference in a couple of hours. I could probably work it out easily, xept im feeling hot again now cos i just exerted myself looking for some new batteries for those thermometers lol.

I may just end up trying something simple when I get bored and dont know what else to do lol. maybe replace the circuit board in one of those fans with one of the many 8 pin microcontroler I seem to have around too, so it can sense temp and control the fan direction.


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