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A nearby college includes a building, surrounded by an outdoor arcade, at street level. At one point, the warm internal air is expelled, which is natural, they perform continuous circulation. A nice spot, on a cold night!

However, I wonder, is there any hazard in breathing that air? Is it chemically processed somehow, contaminated? And, isn't it inefficient? The outgoing air ought to pass through a heat exchanger, to warm the incoming air. Isn't that wasted energy?

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Rich D
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possibly it has less oxygen that fresh air, possibly stink and virus particles?

It might be, it depends if their AC is heating or cooling

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Jasen Betts

Usually the air is passed through a heat exchanger so some of the hot inside air will heat the cold outside air before it enters the building.

There is no chemicals involved. You will be exposed to a combination of all the air in all the rooms in the building. Could be a good way to contract any virus that anyone in the building has.

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Ralph Mowery

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