Need twin-gate MOSFET design guidelines

Hello !

Please point me at some book or online text giving design guidelines for twin-gate MOSFET's, as clear and full of examples as "Art of Electronics" by Horovitz and Hill - the one i own has nothing about them.

My goal is designing regenerative radio reciever for 0.5 - 30 MHz, one gate signal input, another gate - "throttle".

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Hmm, not sure if it's as detailed and instructive but one of the books in the ARRL's Radio Ameteur's Handbook series might work. Something from 1980s might work well, considering I don't hear much of dual gate MOSFETs these days, and they were only being invented in the 70s (my 1971 and 1976 issues of the book have mention and use of them).


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Tim Williams

You can get a start here

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Thanks, but completely irrelevant for me. This is amp of fixed gain, while mine would be auto-regulated.

The questions i need to answer are:

  • How to stabilize DC mode of 2-gate MOSFET, and is it needed at all.
  • How to choose the element and construct the amp for given range of AGC voltages, or how to determine what AGC voltages range is required for given amp, or how to design them together, keeping in match.
  • What are common tricks and hacks for 2-gate MOSFET, what are specific measures of avoiding parasite oscillation etc.

P.S. ARRL handbook is unavailable here in Russia, only some scans from the Net. From new ones, i got 2005 only - 3 search matches for any MOSFET at all, and all 3 - about handling safety only.

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Look for the Motorola AN-478 application note on the web.

Good luck, Peter

CryptoManceR wrote:

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Peter Orban

Thanks, i did. Good reading.

But where can i find by-parameters search database for various active elements, incl. 2-gate mosfets ? The ones i know, like BF909, all have too high power ratings (12V , 20-30 mA, 4V bias), what is wasteful on batteries and limits the set to wall power only. I would be happy with

2V / 1mA or something like this.

By the way, are they the best choice for highly linear, controllable gain, regenerative (finely controlled positive feedback) resonant amplifier ? What else can be used for the purpose ? Frequency range is

1.5 - 30 MHz.
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