Need A sub L 3B7 3622

I need the A sub L of an ungapped potcore, material 3B7 size 3622. I can't find it on the Ferroxcube website. Thanks, Mike

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From the 2005 ferroxcube book (about when they were sold to AFAIK Yageo):

all +/- 25%:

3C81 10800 3C91 10800 3F3 7350 3E27 17500

For other materials: scale by ui (mu initial) of the material:

3B7 2300 3F3 2000

Often these ungapped values are not given because in an ungapped potcore it is so extremely dependend on mounting, dust in the gap, temperature, DC current and anything, that it has a large tolerance (and raising lots of questions from unsuspecting users).

Regards, Arie de Muynck

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Arie de Muynck

Thanks for the response Arie, I had privately emailed a friend with an old Ferroxcube data book, he said the book lists the A sub L of 3B7 3622 ungapped as 9660

+/- 25%. Seems odd that I couldn't find this info with a web search or on the Ferroxcube website. Mike
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Nicely said, ungapped A_L values have to be taken with large grains of salt.

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Winfield Hill

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