Measureing charging behavior by power supply.

Hi All,

I am doing some tests.

  1. Low battery test, I use a poewr supply to replace the battery of device, the testing result looks good and correct.

  1. I need to test the charging behavior, I still connect the power supply instead of battery of device, when I plug in charger, however, the voltage of power supply goes to 5V ( however, I set to 2.8V originally ), it should be the USB charger voltage, is there any problem ?

It seems some current limitation, and the device will detect the current is already smaller than the expection, cut off charging current, is that correct ?

Thanks! Boki.

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Boki!!! How's it hanging? Always a blast to decipher your posts..

Can your power supply sink current? I think most power supplies source current. I suspect the USB charger is overriding the power supply. In other words the power supply may not control an external V greater than its setting..

For example..IIRC in a linear supply, the pass transistor will shut off if an external V is greater than the power supply V setting.

I don't know the best way to fake a battery... Maybe a shunt regulator..??? D from BC

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D from BC

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