Low Speed Clock Recovery Chip

Does anyone have any ideas about available chips suitable for clock recovery and data retiming on low speed (40kbps)? All the ones I can find are for Gbps and are not what I am looking for.

The data currently is 4 level ASK with fairly good noise properties.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, I dont really have any thoughts......

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A CD4046/74HC4046 type PLL may do fine, as would a digital PLL clocked at many times 40kHz. How many times depends on maximal time between transitions.

Of some importance is how long a valid data stream can go without any transitions - this obviously depends on encoding, and it directly drives the loop filter optimization. If you're guaranteed a transition at every boundary, simple differentiation and an edge-sensitive phase comparator may do the trick. Beware, though, just because the signal itself may look clean, the differentiated signal may not be!


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Tim Shoppa

Many thanks Tim, will look into this solution.

All the best.

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