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I am looking for a recommendation for a cable to board connectors. Preferred solution use crimping on the wire side (e.g. wire 24 or 26 gauge) and right angle through hole on the board side (or SMT with addition of a good mechanical support). Having a mechanical latch to hold the two sides of the connectors is a big plus.

I need connectors with 6 to 10 wires, low current (less than 1A), low voltage (up to 24V) and digital signals with no critical timings. This is for equipment that can be operated in a car cockpit for long time.

This project is not price sensitive.

The best I found so far is this Amp pair from DigiKey (DigiKey SKU A28596-ND, A28422-ND). However, they single row. I would prefer a dual row to save board edge real estate.

Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.



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The appropriate connector type will depend on many things such as whether the wires being terminated at the cable plug all come from the same point at the other end or not. For example, if the wires all come from the same point you could use a ribbon cable and crimp termination plug where all wires are terminated simultaneously during the crimping process. But if they all come from different points then you might be better using another type of connector where the wires can all be terminated individually. You might require a locking mechanism to prevent disconnection due to vibration in the vehicle or high reliability vibration resistant connectors. The selection of connector types can be quite complicated.

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Ross Herbert

Look up Tyco\'s (AMP\'s) AMPMODU line at Digi-Key.  They have
double-row receptacles with crimp contacts on 0.1" centers.
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