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I've obtained several pentium based sbc's, which have a *standard* interface (based on a common C&T ic, the designation escapes me at the moment). I also have a bunch of 486 era LCD's that were used on/an IBM Thinkpad. Question: Provided I obtained a pinout of the LCD's connector, is it simply cookbook getting the 2 interfaced? The chart that's in the SBC's booklet specifies which modes the controller can operate in (jumper selectable as I recall). Standard VGA modes - 640x480,

800x600, etc. Are these screens likely to be generic enough that I can simply plug them into the sbc's connector, matching suitable pin for pin, signal for signal?

On another note, is there a way to pipe video (composite) into a USB2 port and direct to the computer's/laptop's screen?

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Chris wrote in news:1189118556.203061.231890

I am going to say maybe. You will have timing issues to deal with (meaning you have to find the timing parameters for those LCDs, and set those into the driver code or whatever for the C&T chip) plus dealing with dual-scan displays, if that is an issue.

There are USB capture devices. It won't "directly" display video on the screen, but will go through the normal software paces.

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Gary Tait

These are TFT displays. So you're saying there are alterable

*parameters* built in the driver code? Is it likely these will be, uh, easily (whatever that means) accessible? I doubt there will be a boot up style bios type interface, if you follow me, so in essence I'll have to hack the drivers, if I follow you.
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