Is the TSA Running Microchip?

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A response to my support question was answered with this appended.  

By the way, we have this new process of checking our customer names using a
 restricted party screening tool below before supporting the customer.

Upon checking I found 3 records similar to your name, kindly give us your f
ull legal name (includes middle name) so we can check it out again.

The process prohibits us from giving technical support until the customer i
s cleared with this screening.

We would be needing this clearance if you have further question on this mat

WTF???  So they won't provide support unless they can identify my precisely
 according to some web site I don't have an account with?  Is this to confo
rm with US requirements?  I guess asking if they have LTspice compatible mo
dels is potentially an ITAR violation...  

What if my name happens to be the same as someone on the death list?  



  Rick C.

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Re: Is the TSA Running Microchip?
Ricketty C wrote:

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More likely to cover their a** in the event the State Department starts  
searching for possible prohibited technology transfers. Given the pissing  
match we've gotten into with a few countries, the TLAs would probably frown  
upon someone sending them Forrest Mims basic semiconductor circuits book.  
And they don't have a sense of humor. So Microchip puts a process in place  
to placate them and makes no exceptions. So if asked, they can say "We  

ITAR is a bitch.

Paul Hovnanian     mailto:
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Re: Is the TSA Running Microchip?

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We used to buy $10k lots of Japanese lasers through a US company because
they were able to sell reasonable batches. After getting some paperwork
that the current US administration requires the whole supply chain to
sign, we moved our business elsewhere.

The reason was that by signing we'd have to adhere to US export
regulations that are moving towards unsuitable direction for us.


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