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I need to create a PCB layout for a surface mount design and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for getting started.... I've never worked with surface mount anything before. My only experience with laying out a PCB is using expressPCB software a while back and their 3 boards for 59 bucks option. But these were for regular DIP components. Now I have two wireless (Tx and Rx) surface mount chips I need to create a PCB for and am not sure where to begin... I think wireless chips may take extra steps too.... like a large ground plane or something? I have available to me a copy of ALTIUM, I haven't used this yet and am not sure if it's too advanced for a simple PCB.... (learning curve too big)....

Thanks Joshua

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Surface mount is simple; just do it. The RF stuff is trickier. A solid ground plane on one layer is a good idea.


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What for? If it's for your own use I would say: go fer it. It's easy enough. If it's for manufacture there is a bunch of things you just *have to know* about how the board will be processed "downstream" in order to get a working layout.

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