How to increase lamp brightness?

On some backlight inverters (which is what powers the lamp) there are controls for a 'boost' mode of operation. This *does* shorten the life od the backlight - you would need to look at the data for your particular LCD.

For instance, see the MicroSemi offerings

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They have controllers and inverters.



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How to increase the overall lcd lamp brightness... Well is it possible to get 400 cd/m from 250 cd/m generating lcd lamp on classic 15" tft? Thing is I need to boost brightness for high daylight indoor places. I am now using 800 cd/m industrial displays that have really high price. I know that lamp life will be very short, but 5000h is ok for us.

If you have any idea how this can be done... Please help me out. Thanks!

Regards, Wush

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