how to access "mywebserver" (running on my PC) from any PC connected to internet

I got mywebserver from

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I dont know how to access 'mywebserver' running on my own PC from remote location (i.e any PC connected to internet)??? I tried in the address bar of web browser folloing things...

1)http://A.B.C.D. where A.B.C.D. is IP address shown on control panel of 'mywebserver'. This IP address remains same on getting connected to internet.(i.e. It doesnt change whenever my PC connects to internet) 2)http://A.B.C.D. where A.B.C.D is IP address of my PC(got from 'ipconfig' command)

Can anybody tell me? how to access my own PC from remote PC(any PC connected to internet)where mywebserver is running on my PC???

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Have you tried asking "mywebserver"'s tech support?

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

This is not the right newsgroup for this question. I don't know which one is.

The only advice I have for you is that A, B, C, and D should be the same for case 1 and case 2. You may need to start your connection to the Internet up BEFORE you start your webserver.

After that, the address from ipconfig should get you connected from any location, unless your ISP blocks access to port 80, or you are running a firewall or NAT box or whatever.

Please don't follow up to this newsgroup. Maybe try one of the public Microsoft newsgroups.


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