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Hi All,

I am new to SPICE. I hope I can use it to verify the ideas without working on breadboards. Here's my question:

I have code like this:

.Param X64=8 ... Q_Q5 $N_0024 $N_0023 $N0025 PNP8 {x64} ... .Model PNP8 PNP

The problem is my simulator doesn't understand what "Q_Q5 $N_0024 $N_0023 $N0025 PNP8 8" means. I tried my textbook, couldn't find what the last "8" means either. I want rewrite it in a way that my simulator can recognize.

Could someone help?

Thanks in advance, Jeff

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Every simulator I know of would recognize that means "Area=" 8

Except I just realized...lose the "x" and the curly brackets.

...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson

I am using Protel se 99, pretty old software to capture schematic and design PCB. It has a built in spice simulator. Maybe I need find some other solutions.

Code like this can not be recognized either:

m8 550 550 V- V- nix l=2u w=25u m=26

.model nix nmos(vto=0.75 kp=205.5u rd=1 rs=1 rg=1 rb=1 cgso=4e-9

+cgdo=4e-9 cgbo=16.667e-9 cbs=2.34e-13 cbd=2.34e-13)



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Hello Jeff,

You could use LTspice to run your netlists. I have checked both of your examples and they run in LTspice. Even better you could use LTspice for your schematic too.

LTspice is a free unlimited SPICE simulator from Linear Technology. I assume it's now the mostly used SPICE simulator.

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Best regards, Helmut

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Helmut Sennewald

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