Has anyone used the eVNA from Minicircuits

MiniCircuits advertises a eVNA, that consists of a first cut signal processing box, that interfaces via USB cable to a lapyop/PC. The data analysis software for the PC is freely downloadable. The box of electronics needs to be purchased .

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amal banerjee
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So, you're telling us that you don't have an answer to amal's question?

Comparing a $200 toy with an $8000 instrument is pretty dumb, don't you think?

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Clifford Heath

And Amal's question was exactly WHAT?

These are NOT toys, and the Mini Circuits is vaporware in comparison. Let's see how it fares when it is in the hand of users.

I have a DG8SAQ network analyzer since > 10 years. It is limited to 1.3 GHz but delivers wonderful results with things like 12-term error correction. I can use it to create Spice models of precision crystals including Q of the resonances with built-in Windows software. For my Rohde & Schwarz ZVB I first had to write substantial software, and I consider the ZVB's user interface hostile in comparison.

Maybe it's better to wait until the new Analog Devices ADL5960 bears fruit. 20 GHz BW and a simplified synthesizer interface look very promising, with on-chip reflection bridge.

1 chip + 6 GHz synthesizer chip per port.


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Gerhard Hoffmann

What's wrong with asking whether anyone has used the Minicircuits eVNA?

I would expect considerably better performance than any of the NanoVNA versions, even though thosey are credible at their respective price points. They have many weaknesses though, such as no filtering on the receivers, making them effectively unusable in environments where you have ambient signals.

Yep, Baier knows what he's doing. You won't get useful crystal models from a NanoVNA though.

The price point looks set to be pretty eye-watering though.

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Clifford Heath

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