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Start with the NEC if you are in the USA. That references some other standards specific to various other industries. Other countries will have different standards from the NEC.

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I've been looking around for a set of standards for grounding telecommunications equipment in a telecom hut. Any ideas where I can find these ?

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Are we talking cellular/wireless here or something else? Things will vary a bit if you're sticking a great big lightning target up in the air :).

The place to look is the Telcordia/Bellcore site, they publish the standards used in telcom installations.

If it's still available they have an excellant "background" book called "The Why's of Grounding", gives a real good overview of grounding requirements & *why* they're requirements. Some stuff is specific to radio sites.

Did you know the source impedance of a lightning bolt is 5000 ohms? You will after you read that book & what that means to you if you're in the building during a strike :(.

Here's a link-

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Grounding specific documents (may or may not be what you're looking for but fiendishly expensive in either case)-

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For "nuts & bolts" of putting the equipment togeather properly you'll need thier GR-1275 installation standards book ($$$), which unfortunately doesn't appear to be available as a book anymore :( . It also has very good background info on grounding systems although more from a central office environment viewpoint but a lot of it translates into huts as the equipment is usually designed to CO standards.

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The above will get you started on understanding whats going on & what's required but there are as many different viewpoints on exactly how to implement a grounding system as there are people doing it. Some implementations work well, some don't. You are dealing with at least three different systems- equipment ground, commercial power & (maybe) lightning protection. How each is implemented, how the are interconnected, how they interact with each other and how much it will run the budget over has, in my personnal experience, been a discussion (usually with raised voices) about obscure points involving near religious belief in hearsay & outright misinformation.

Have fun :).


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Is this what you need?

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A search on 'telecommunications grounding standards' elicits a suitable number of responses; check which one suits you.



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