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________________________________________________________ IN THIS ISSUE:

  1. How Today's Techies Work
  2. Board Names Three for 2008 President-Elect
  3. Two Petition to Be on Annual Election Ballot
  4. Deadlines Are Here
  5. Marketplace of Ideas: Will a Toned-Down YouTube Tank?
  6. Claire Tomlin: Genius Engineer
  7. IEEE, the TV Network
  8. The Puzzle of Peer Review Solved
  9. Standards for Car Talk
  10. IEEE Spectrum Radio Reports on Changing Cars' Characters
  11. Don't Miss the Inaugural IEEE RFID 2007 Conference
  12. IEEE Spectrum Sponsors Annual Awards ________________________________________________________

What a bunch of cunts.

If I wanted spam in my e-mail I'd publish the address in a newsgroup.

Ooooooooh bugger, I have done.

Strange, I used to get lots of spam but now I only get e-mails from the IEEE.

I suppose that's down to the efficiency of their spam filtering system.



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I didn't even forward this to you and already you are blabbing it all over usenet.

You do realise the Beeb are hooked up to your computer?


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