flakey connection through DIN connector

Hi there - I've taken a week off from work to go home for Thanksgiving and my mother has requested I fix her TV to earn my keep. She has a fairly spendy LCD that is many years out of warranty. It has an external DC brick power supply that connects to the back of the LCD through a DIN connector. I believe the connector is proprietary - 3 pins, one thinner than the other two and recessed back a little, and the other two are big and thick. I've never seen a DIN connector like it. Anyways - it seems the cable got repeatedly yanked on and now it only works when you press against the DIN connector in a specific way. I'm probably going to ghetto-rig a zip tie to hold it in that position and call it a day - but I was wondering - would anybody have any suggestions as to how to fix it?

I pulled the PCB and there were no signs of damage on the PCB. No fractures in the solder joints for the through hole right angle DIN connector. No loose pins. No visible damage on either connector. Nothing.

It is a Toshiba 20HLV85, if it matters.



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Since you've already taken apart the TV... I'd suggest just replacing the proprietary connector with a more standard one, and then whacking off the one on the power supply and doing the same.

Or just hard-wire the power supply's output into the TV... your mum probably wouldn't care?

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Joel Koltner

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