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MiscEl is a program to do many different electronic calculations and a few non-electronic calculations too.

Some of the calculations it can do is:

-- Charge curve: Capacitor/inductor charge/discharge with resistive, current and power loads.

-- Printed circuit board: Calculate microstrip, stripline, track resistance and current

-- Color codes: Convert between color codes and numeric values for many types of components.

-- Thermo sensors: Calculates for PT100, NTC and all types of thermocouples

-- Air coil: Analyze or design an air core inductor

-- Leds: Color/wavelength of leds and design of circuits to drive leds from DC or AC.

See these webpages for more information:

How to use MiscEl when working with microcontrollers:

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Code for doing CRC calculations (8-16-32 bit, direct or reflected, bit or byte):

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Main page:

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The program is free and I do not have any kind of ad's on the webpages.

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