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Refer to layer 56, "wert"; what the heck is that???

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Robert Baer
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Eagle is from Germany. Google translator (German to English) indicated it means 'worth' or 'value'. Perhaps it is a layer that contains component value information.

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Hmm..already have layer 27, tValues and layer 28, bValues. Maybe cost?

  • What the heck is layer 50, dxf for and how might it be used? Oh yes, we have layer 25, tNames and layer 26, bNames - so, what is layer 104, Name for?
** HOW can one change the "default" layers (say add layer 121, _tsilk and layer 122, _bsilk) and their default colors and default fillstyles? Have not found the file that sets up what i see with new board.
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Robert Baer

Robert Baer schrieb:


the german word "wert" means value.


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Uwe Hercksen

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