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Hi there! I want to ask you some stuff about internet manufacturing. Do you use laser cutting for producing 2-D elements out of steel, aluminum, brass, timber, etc.? If so, will you please have a look at that site and tell me your opinion about it:

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How do you find it?

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I would find it by clicking on the link...

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Robert Baer

I is basically a good idea, assuming you can deliver. I have used other internet manufacturing services, and none of the deliverd as promised (if anything). As a result, I much rather drive half an hour to the local shop and discuss my issues, and sometimes take my parts home right away.

Anyways, you should have someone proofread your texts to make your page look more professional.

Example (front page):

"Erzeugen sie 2D Teile in 3 Schritte"

should be

"Erzeugen Sie 2D Teile in 3 Schritten"

"Robert Baer" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:_T_fe.337$>

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Matthias Melcher

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