Is Google a Threat to Humanity ?

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Hi folks,

All of you might be pretty surprised on this statement but could you
really imagine that The God of Internet can also turn

into Monster......?

Just have a look on the below points:
1. It knows about our details---------------- from Profile (Gmail)
2.It knows about our hobbies---------------  from Orkut
3. It knows about our friends---------------- from Orkut
4. It has our snaps------------------------------ Orkut
5. It can track us any time that where on earth we are---------
6. It knows what company we run------------------------------ AdWords
7. It contains our documents (confidentials too)---------- Gmail & G

and many more things are yet to come in near future......

So imagine the situation that at any moment, it can find us or do
anything what it wants to do.....

I am not kidding.... and also not saying that i am the one who is

Please put your ideas.....

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Re: Is Google a Threat to Humanity ?
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Google has NONE of the above information on me.

Re: Is Google a Threat to Humanity ?

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Oh dear!  Google knows I speak English, I like 50 hits per page and I want
my search to open in a new window!  Just think, that I thought 30 years ago
Russians with nukes were dangerous ;-)

Cheers TT (cowering under the bed with a Garlic necklace and a wooden
crucifix) :-))

Re: Is Google a Threat to Humanity ?
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I didn't think of Google much at all before I started a few websites. Just a
friendly search engine there to serve you for free.

Man, has my opinion changed. They have the power to destroy any online
business, and they use that power. I know!

I would encourage everyone to reconsider the evils of virtual monopoly.
Maybe give some of the other search engines a go once in a while.

Murray R. Van Luyn.
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