Can you identify these connectors?


I need to source some connectors to remake some wiring harnesses, but can't seem to find these connectors. They're fairly distinctive in that alternate pin receptacles are "D" shaped rather than round. Spacing is

6.2mm or 1/4"

Link to pic (hopefully)

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Can anyone point me to the manufacturer and/or range?

Thanks, Nick

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Another Nick
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Have you checked Molex?

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If all else fails change them for something similar. This site shows a few alternatives but of course what's available locally may vary.

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Dave Plowman (News)

Or any hobby shop. Those are commonly used R/C connectors.

Peter Wieck Wyncote, PA

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Look like automotive style connectors.

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So they are - I hadn't noticed that.

Thanks for the replies guys... I've eventually found out they are Molex

3191 series (thanks to Digikey who put a decent size photo of the individual part on their site). TBH I found the Molex site a bit of a pain to trawl, though now I can home in to identify the specific items I need.

Regards Nick

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