Cadence (OrCad)

Today, I was at a computer show and saw version

16.3 I think it was of the OrCad edition of this

formatting link

They wanted $110 for it.

We don't use Orcad but was interested in trying it out.

I am just wondering how that would play out getting that kind of an item at a computer show and activate the license?

Also, how does the price on that version compare ? I am not even sure what the newest version is?


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110 dollar is very cheap. Normally it costs about 10000 USD for one license...., including schematics entry, PCB, CIS, etc



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Klaus Kragelund

It MIGHT have been a hacked product, but more than like it was the FREE evaluation version, or something like that...


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Charlie E.

It probably is software which is no longer needed. Selling it is a good choice just like you would do with a car you no longer need.

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Nico Coesel

I kind of have to agree. That looks like a fire sale price. It may be the version in the left hand column or the right hand column. If it includes a full copy of PSpice, grab it for that alone, it would be worth it several times over.


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