Bulk transfers on CAN bus - HOW

I've got an application that uses CAN bus for internal communications. Works well but we would like to use the bus to also flash the controllers. Our programming team came up with a way to do this but it's very slow.

I see that the auto industry routinely re-flashes the modules and it seems to go rather fast. Is there some way to expedite bulk transfers?

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The auto industry use different prototcols according to who is making the actual car. My experence is that these protocols are safe but slow (and complex). On one palletised production line we needed to use two stations to flash the instrument cluster because it took over 60 seconds to do about

128k bytes.

There is an ISO standard for a bulk data transfer over CAN but I can't recall the number right now.

Michael Kellett

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CAN bus is very safe but there is an amazing ammount of overhead and allows only four data bytes per frame.

I've got a pair of ADuC841 processors slaved under a Frescale 56F8357 controller. The 8357 can flash the ADuCs but since there is insufficient local storage space (I wanted to put in a ram block but got overridden), you have to get the 129K of hexfile over the CAN bus twice. Takes about 15 minutes per ADuC, which I think is OK for field update but totally unacceptable for production. The good news is that we can build a programming station and attach bunches of modules at a time to pre-program.

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