Building an earth quake detector for local earth quake detection.

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This conjecture for an earth quake detector is based on a real world observation I once did a day before a bigger earth quake happened, and I will transform this observation into a possible device to detect impending earth quakes:

1. The first part of the device must be "heavy weights". These weights are only moved when the ground starting moving/oscillating/quaking.

These waves/frequencies could be far below the human hearing perception these frequencies may be well below the 1 herz.

2. The weights are attached/hanging with a cord to a standing device.

Furthermore there are lighter weights also hanging to this same device.

3. The idea here is that the low frequencies transmitted to the heavy weights gets transferred to the lighter weights. The lighter weights start oscilliating at a higher frequencies.

4. These heavy and light weights may have to be hollow or have some kind of structure that can produce hearable waves of sound.

Basically these light weights act as convertors to convert the low frequencies to much higher frequencies which can be heard.

Finally the opposite could be tried as well, ultra sound detectors, some animals can hear ultra sound, perhaps earth quakes generate ultrasound during or right before they happen because of tensions in the earth.

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Re: Building an earth quake detector for local earth quake detection.
On Friday, 22 January 2021 at 10:13:33 UTC, skybuck2000 wrote:
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If you really do want to try and detect impending earthquakes, may I suggest an alternative
approach that might suit your skill-set.
Most smartphones contain three-axis accelerometers.  Why don't you write an app
for your favourite smartphone brand which looks for appropriate signals and sounds
a warning.
The only problem is that in a city environment you are likely to get many false alarms
from man-made vibration.  Common sources are trucks driving over bumpy roads
and trains (underground and overground).
Note:  This has been done before - google will point you in the right direction.


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