Availability of linear CCD arrays?

Hi - I'm looking at the feasibility of a project that would use a linear CCD array combined with a laser to do some fairly simple distance measurement. Only problem is this: I can't find any linear CCD arrays that I can actually purchase! Oh sure - plenty of companies make nice looking ones - but they don't sell them unless I want to buy a million of em. Where can I find these buggers? I'm not fond of pulling them from other devices as if I ever did want to bring these into production, that would not exactly be economical.



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As with the WWVB receiver module from another thread this gets expensive unless you either part them out of obsolete equipment such as faxes and scanners, or buy gazillions. Scroll to about the middle here:

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Regards, Joerg

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TAOS sells samples and nice demo board and then there is these guys:

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