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Considering the advances in A/D converters, when are we going to start seeing true 10-12 bit =>1Gs/s sampling rates on DSO/DPO scopes?

Something adaptive that gives 12 bits at lower rates, and drops down to

10 bits at higher rates would be ideal.

The one thing I hate about my DPOs is the fat traces. The new Agilent

6000 series fixes this a bit for slower signals with a 1x averaging mode that averages oversampled data on single shots, so it's an advance over just plain signal averaging that requires multiple screen acquisitions.

Would be nice to see respectably low noise at lower bandwidths and a scale factor of down to 500uV/div, about half the typical 1mV/div limit of the TDS3000 series. Unfortunately, Agilent 6000 scopes only do 2mV/div.

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Christopher R. Carlen
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