advice plz

Hi What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a device that I can store on it an audio file with 3 buttons (pause, start, repeat) to play the audio file and the sound quality is not an issue it can be low and I want to add headphones on it I need to have an idea on what a good microcontroller with DAC and the most important part is what kind of memory can I use

The hall thing has to be within the range of $1-$2 in cost

Any advice....plz

Thanx to all

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Get mp3 player circuit boards from china. Mr. Wang can scoop some off the production line. You just have to mail some cash....

D from BC

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D from BC

already done, just add electret microphone and some buttons.

gets cheaper if you buy a lot of them

go to digikey and type in


no stinkin micro needed either.

Steve Roberts

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