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There is a story circulating that the semiconductor chips made by Texas Instruments contain so many toxic chemicals and are out-gassing fumes that they can be used to exterminate bugs simply by tossing several TI chips in back of the refrigerator, back of under-sink cabinets, etc.

In fact, the DLP (Digital Light Processing) chips from Texas Instruments used in projectors and televisions have a glass window, a 'getter', and a special atmosphere containing 17 different gases for lubricating the aluminum mirrors in a special 'hermetically' sealed package. These are very large packages. The gases leak from the package. HD1, HD2, HD3, 0.7XGA,

0.9SVGA, etc.

"All DLP projectors run hot, and I suspect this heat produced an unusual amount of outgassing from the Sharp's internal components."

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"This outgassing causes contamination on the color wheel."

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The bugs behind your refrigerator are like the mine canaries of years ago. When the bugs die, it's time to get the TI chips out of the house.

A 'TI Inside' (Toxic Instruments Inside) warning label should be printed on everything using TI's DLP chips, e.g. , DLP projector, DLP TV, etc. Defective DLP chips, the failure rate is very high, should be returned to TI for proper hazardous waste disposal.

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