RJ-45 "through wire" crimp connectors?

I remember seeing RJ-45 (cat 5 I think they were) crimp connectors that had holes for the conductors drilled entirely through the connector such that each conductor could be fed out the end. After the crimp the conductors can be clipped off.

But I can't remember where I saw these.

Who makes these? Where can I find them?


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I think AMP makes some like that. I used to run a department that made custom cabling, and I ours were that way. But we used an auto- crimp machine to crimp them. Why do you need the ones that go all the way through?

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Think about field work in a dark, tight crawl space. John Ferrell W8CCW

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Think about a $12 spelunking/cyclists headlamp.

Who is the dip that added/adds the misc group? Cross posting dingldorfs never cease to amaze.

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You need RJ-45 with feed-through or a very strong loading bar for Cat 6 patch cables. The stranded wires won't stay put when they're trimmed as short as they should be.

There are few reasons to build a patch cable, though. They're very cheap now.

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