Need 6vdc regulator suggestion

Hi, Have an automotive application for 6vdc regulation. Input: 11-18vdc (typical car voltage range) Output: 6vdc @ 1A. max

The catch is, I have a fairly small space to install the regulator and would like a minimum of support components. With those requirements, I'm leaning toward a small DC-DC converter. I've already dismissed the

7806 as an option due to its heat dissipation requirements at 1A.

What other devices should I consider?


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I happen to have one (like one, if I can find it.) It's in a 1x2x3 inch plastic box. Doesn't get hot. Takes 11-18 volts and puts out 6v regulated up to 7 amps. Long story...since I'm getting ready to head home on a Friday. Email me.

J> Hi,

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Jonathan schrieb:

Have a look to the LM2575, for automotive applications (you are connecting to hell!) the LM2575HV.

Regards, Dieter

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Dieter Wiedmann

Thanks, I may contact you.

However, I realized that I have several DC-DC converters that output 5v @ 3A.; I wonder if 5v is enough. I'm trying to power an XM SkyFi2 radio, which normally runs off of 6v. I wonder if a very well-regulated

5v might do it.
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Thank you, I've never used the LM2575 family, but I'll take a look for it today, and check out the data sheet and application notes.

thanks, Jonathan

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