24 V to +/- 15 V regulated DC-DC converter with low noise

Looking for a DC-Dc converter with 24 V input and +/- 15 V output that has lower noise than the typical 50 or 100 mV. Or are there versions that adapt well to noise reduction though output capacitive filtering ?

The muRata PWR1546AC has 5 V input, 167 mA out, 1 mV noise. I don't need that high a current (50 mA is ok) nor that low noise (say 10 mV).

Does anyone make these with say 7815/7915 regulators on their output for regulation and noise reduction ?

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And old stand by, using a 555 timer, capacitor coupled output to drive

2 diodes that will deliver your +/- voltage with R and Zener shunt regulation. Of course, you need 2 filter caps on the output and crank the freq of the timer up, so that you can use small caps.

only problem with this is, it's not isolated.

or you can construct a toroidal xformer "small" with a basic CT taps on both sides. This can give you a AC source( High Freq) of course, with which you can rectify and regulate.

Something to think about, I know!..

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