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Re: Free electronics simulation software

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Hello Kevin,

I tried today in the office three of the benchmarks with PSPICE on a C2-PC.

     TRTOL   PSPICE-C2  LTspice-C2   LTspice-AMD64
AROM   7       3.84       2.53           2.1
AROM   1      10.26       5.84           4.8
MUX8   7       6.83       4.67           3.7
MUX8   1      14.36       9.27           7.3
SQRT   7      49.08      53.67          70.2
SQRT   1     118.53     108.22         142.3

C2: Intel Core2-Duo 2.33GHz (Xeon)
AMD64: 4000+, socket 939

PSPICE  10.2
LTspice  2.20k

My conclusion is that LTspice is at least as fast as PSPICE and MC-SPICE.
I expect each of the three simulators will win in a few benchmarks and
overall LTspice will reach a good position in this race.

Best regards,

PS: It's necessary for PSPICE to remove the character # in the names
used in the circuit files and to change the file names to ".cir".
LTspice doesn't require any change.

Re: Free electronics simulation software

Thanks Helmut,

Changing TRTOL to 7 did get rid of the speed difference at least on
the SQRT circuit.  LTSpice ran it at 101s.  Didn't try CShunt.  Micro-
Cap has CShunt available but not PSpice (at least our version) so
wouldn't have a good test across the three simulators.  I'm going to
guess that TRTOL is the factor for the others also, since we've put a
little too much time into testing these.  Time to get back to real


Re: Free electronics simulation software

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This is at odds with pretty much all prior benchmarks reported in this NG
and my own test runs, so I am major sceptical.

So... for example, did you manually try and set LT minimum time steps? Doing
so is not recommended. It will usually slow it down significantly. LT wants
to be run on automatic settings.

Kevin Aylward

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