Easy-PC version 8 has no 8051, Anybody got one?

I just upgraded to Easy-PC version 8 and also bought their Prolib to go with it. Unbelievable it has no 8051 micro component at all, and they don't sell one!!! I checked with their support and its probably an "Oversight" There is no Atmel, Philips, Intel, Motorola micros that I can see either only PIC.

Anybody got an Easy-PC micro library with an 8051 (AT89S8252) I can have please?

To think I was tossing up whether to buy Eagle PCB instead, I wonder if I got it wrong.

Ross Dickson Dat's Creative Pty Ltd Queensland Australia.

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It's very easy to create your own parts with Easy-PC. It only took me about

15 minutes to create a basic version of the 8051, although I haven't used it for years (I use Pulsonix now). I'll email it to you. I'll let you add the alternate pin functions like MOSI, etc.


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Leon Heller

No, I don't think you made a mistake at all. I don't know about Easy-PC version 8, my last experiences were with version 6, but even then it was a far better product than Eagle.

As this gent says, library creation in Easy-PC is really simple....

Stay with it!


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Don Prescott

Did you get hold of one?


------------------------------------- D> No, I don't think you made a mistake at all. I don't know about


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