What happened to Worldwide in Perth?

What happened to Worldwide Electronic Components in Perth.

I drove past today, and Mike seems to have shut up shop!

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Mike now runs his business from home in Padbury i think, still same phone number


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Steve Butler

You can download his catalogue from the website.

One thing I haven't checked is whether the remnants on the back shelf that sold for a song are still around. Some of it was good stuff.

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Bruce Varley

He closed the storefront late last year. From his website

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he states:

"To maintain the highest standards of service delivery and cost competitiveness we are no longer operating a shop front."

He indicated to me that the greater part of his business had always been mail order, and with rising rents and other costs the shop didn't really make too much sense.

And regrettably, Bruce, all the surplus stuff disappeared in the process.

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