Misc. components for sale...

I have the following for sale:

194 x Maxim MAX3181EEUK (+3V to +5.5V, 1.5Mbps RS-232 Receivers in
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Kris Wilk
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Neither of the groups to which you posted this is a buy-and-sell group. You would know this if you bothered to actually READ either of the groups.

It is also stated explicitly in the charter.

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You have just labelel yourself and your company as SPAMMERS.

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Yaaabut, most peeple don't know what an Charter is, or even care, you are wasting your time, sorry.

LED watches are still out of date


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Martin Griffith

Nope - he just offered us some useful components at a more than decent price (I'm rather tempted) If you really NEED to tilt at windmills, go after the Chinese sneaker sellers. M

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Despite disagreeing with your characterization of me and my company, I appreciate you pointing out the charter. I wasn't aware of relocated "misc.industry.electronics.marketplace" group. In retrospect I would have posted to it rather than s.e.design.


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Kris Wilk

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