Wanted: Supplier of solder dissolving solution

Well come to think of it maybe I was a bit callous in my assesement of Australian ingenuity.
The question is: If we can invent these things why the hell are we running such huge trade deficits?
Thanks for this link. It is quite an interesting product to say the least.
Charles L
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Charles L
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**I would use the term: 'Moronic'.
**Because we are breeding a nation of morons. Just look at your own posts. You are symptomatic of what is wrong with this country. You have barely enough intelligence to put your underwear on first every morning. There are a host of other problems too.
* Our goverments (Labor and Liberal) cannnot and will not think past the next election. As a consequence, realy big, important things don't happen in this country.
Labor and Liberal are both beholding to big business influences and, therefore, will not act to preserve the future of the nation, as a whole, but only to protect business interests.
* Company CEOs and other officers are paid obscene amounts of money, to ensure short term gains for their companies. As a result, the real value of many large and important companies is gradually eroded.
In most parts of Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, et al) company directors are paid relatively small amounts of money, whilst the people who do real work are relatively well paid. I recall reading that one major Japanese manufacturer paid its top engineers more than all the members of the borad of directors.
* Australian companies pay lip service to R&D, preferring instead, to buy technology from elsewhere.
**[SIGH] You're not getting any smarter, are you?
Trevor Wilson
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Trevor Wilson
"Trevor Wilson" "Charles L"
** Nice one - Trevor.
......... Phil
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Phil Allison
Are you willing to work for 25cents an hour?
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The Real Andy

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