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Does anyone have the circuit for a "versatile preamp" . It was in EA or
Silicon Chip some years ago. It use TL 072's , and can be set up for
Mic, or Phono etc.
I built a few ages ago for Mic, but now need to change it to Phono to
rescue some old vinyl. Just needs a few component changes.
Just bought a nice new A/V reciever, does everything, video, audio,
more DSP than you can cope with,  but no phono preamp!!

Re: Versatile Preamp

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I think I might dig it out at home. What's your email?


Re: Versatile Preamp

finger to keyboard and composed:

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Here is a recent design:

It comes in two parts, the power supply and the preamp. DSE sell the
preamp section (no transformer) for about $19:

- Franc Zabkar
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