Tumble dryer power switch problem

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It's a Westinghouse LD505e
As from today I have to hold the power switch in all the time otherwise it
switches itself off. I used to be able to just press once for on, and again for
off. Other than that it works fine.

The power switch is non-latching so there's no visual indication of on/off other
than the LEDs and beeper.
Here's some pics.
Power switch is the brown thing on the right.

Reverse side showing power switch on left and control relays.


PCB middle

PCB left

Does anyone have an idea of how to diagnose this?


Re: Tumble dryer power switch problem
HI Mike,
The power switch  looks like it would be a latching type,
It has High current wires attached i.e. its not small signal type like would
be used to trigger relays/ electronics.
See if you can get hold of a new one and compare  it.
If your sure its not that, check the door switch.
Best luck, don't kill your self, or burn the house down.

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Re: Tumble dryer power switch problem

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Pulled the switch apart  (it turned out to be a latching type) and cleaned it.
I guess fluff or something got inside..
I was expecting it to be like the front panel switch in a computer which simply
carries a logic signal.
It's all working now.



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