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I have a home irrigation controller hat has gone faulty on one of the zones,
I have opened it up and have found one of the transistors to be faulty there
is a number on the transistor but it looks like its a part number from the
manufacturer of the irrigation unit rather then the actual part number of
the transistor.

The number written on it is 1401ES or 1401E5 cant make out if its a 5 or an
S but looks like an S to me and sound like it might be an NPN transistor.

The purpose of this transiston from what I can tell from the board is to
turn a solenoid on and off.

The Irrigation unit is made by Holman Distributors.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Imran Khan

Re: transistor help

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Sorry Mate but your comments re: ball tampering have not gone unnoticed.

Seriously though, what voltage is the solenoid? how is the transistor
driven in the circuit?. Can you test an identical transistor in the unit
to see if it is NPN? if it is then you should be able to substitute a
common NPN in the circuit without any problems.

Re: transistor help

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Try Googling " 1401E5 " like I just did.  Or contact (google again ?0 the

And tell your cricket team to stop cheating !



Re: transistor help

yes its NPN
what voltage is the solenoid?
and how big.

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