Thermomix motor

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The increasingly popular German blender/cooker/scale appears to have an
extremely powerful motor yet is
very, very light. Does anyone know what kind of electric motor this
machine uses and what principal it
operates on?

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Re: Thermomix motor


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** The maker's very first page sys it is a " Vorwerk reluctance motor " -
likely a "switched reluctance" type or SRM.

The particular motor and speed control device are patented, so do a search
and you will get some details.

.....  Phil

Re: Thermomix motor

Some of these motors are using linear induction design, and are high
frequency electronic driven from a drive amplifier circuit board.
There are also motors that are also AC mains driven which use linear
induction design that are also very strong.

The motor shaft output is normally working at very high RPM, and is
going through a reduction gearbox to add a high amount of torque.

Jerry G.

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