TEAC GF-350 turntable

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The turntable on my TEAC GF-350 is turning too fast.  (I've replaced the
belt, so that's not the problem.)
Does anyone have a schematic of the motor and control?  The speed selector
switch works; speed increases
as the switch is moved from 33 to 45 to 78, but all are too fast...


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Re: TEAC GF-350 turntable
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It's available at http://elektrotanya.com/teac_gf-350_sm.pdf/download.html
but the means of controlling the speed is almost certainly built into
the motor housing and the internal circuitry isn't shown - the
schematic just shows external resistors for setting the speed.  There
appears to be a body of comments on the web suggesting the belt
tension affects the speed, but that could be nonsense.


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