Surround sound from computer motherboard

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I've finally twigged that to get the surround sound from my new mobo, I
need to purchase(shudder) or construct a feed out cable.

The pinout is given below(seems common to a number of gigabyte mobo) /

to date, all out sound systems are just left and right speakers. I am
looking for a some guidance from someone who has carried out a similar
task in the past.

Basically are pins 7, 9 & 11 just a common ground for all signals?
And what exactly do the pin out labels mean?

The commercial cable seems to habe five outlets, but the chip controlling
software allows, Rear, Subwoofer, Ccentre and Side.

1) Lef_P Left what?
2) Surr_RR  = surround sound right? (where exacly is this?)
3) Cen_P  =Centre speaker what?
4) Surr_LL = surround sound Left?
5) Cen_JD = centre wat?
6) Surr_JD
7) GND
8) -SUR_DET  = ???
9) GND
10) no pin.
12) S_Surr_JD = ??
13) S_Surr_LL
14) S_Surr_RR


Re: Surround sound from computer motherboard

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If it's common then Gigabyte probably has a cable for it that will give you
RCA outputs. Otherwise there will be 4 or 5 3.5mm stereo jacks already,
configurable for different outputs (install the software that came with the

A better approach may be, depending on your application and as to whether
you have a receiver / amp with DD /DTS decoder, to use the SPDI/F header on
your motherboard. Interface cables are available to give you a coax output,
or it isn't difficult to make one, just a few components.


Re: Surround sound from computer motherboard

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What I am looking for s the pairs that give the various  5.1/7.1 outputs.

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That is what it looks like. Waiting for them to get back with a nominal

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That was part of twigging. I had been using the software to try and
configure the three "standard" outputs on the back panel and finally read
the manual and worked out that the software didn't change those about.
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No such beat here atm and unlikely to be so. The reason for palying with
the computer sound was to basically create a "economical: such device.

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