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I am looking to make new house "smart" etc and have a pretty good idea of
wiring needs and rack etc.  I would be doing this myself and with off the
shelf computer gear (ie - 19" rack etc) rather than the stupidly overpriced
domestic boxes.  But there are a couple other bits I need help in sourcing.

1. Alarm Panel / System.  The system I have in mind must be able to call my
mobile phone in case of activation.  They all pretty much do that.  BUT, I
want the system to be able to communicate with me and let me know exactly
which zone / zones have been activated.  This is to be done wither with beep
codes or voice - not data sqeulch.  Is there such a system?

2. Thermostat.  There will be 2 Reverse cycle ducted system in the house.
Each of them will be supplied with the original manufacturer's panel.  Am I
able to allow these panels to be turned on and off by simply calling into
it, and dialing codes?  I don't need a great deal of controls - just be able
to turn on the AC on the way home, from a mobile phone.

3. Door intercom system.  I am looking for an affordable intercom (voice
only) that will ring the house phone (hopefully in a different tone).  Also
with ability to open / close a door strike / electric gate, through the
phone.  I have a need for 3 Externally mounted Intercoms, operating 2 door
strikes and 1 electric gate.

Any help appreciated.

Re: Sourcing some Smart Home products...

re: i want this and that..............

i know this skool kid who likes taking clocks apart (but always has
parts left over when re-assembled) who will be pleased to design and
assemble your system for peanuts.

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