Sell Print Circuit Board -----(CHINA)

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Sell Print Circuit Board -----(CHINA)

Product Name: Printed Circuit BoardPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:
1) Surface finish: hot air solder leveling, entice, immersion gold,
carbon ink, gold finger, peelable mask
2) Solder mask: photo imageable
3) Profile: routing, punching, V-Cut, chamfered
4) Number of layers for mass production: 2 - 12
5) Min. hole diameter: 0.2mm
6) Max. panel size: 18" x 24"
7) Board thickness: 0.4 - 2.4mm

Company Name:  Nanjing Xilun Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:  Ms. Ding JiaBao
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Address:  9 Changjiang Road,  Nanjing City, JiangShu Province. China
Zip:  210016
Telephone:  86-025-8606 1148
Fax:  86-025-8695 7829

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